Geesh! My life has definitely been a rollercoaster from childhood to adulthood. I grew up with a mother who has mental illness and a drug addiction problem. Though I haven't seen her in over 25 years I have spoken to her briefly (twice) over this time. I no longer blame her for my childhood because she did the best she could.

Fast forward to my adult years, on February 15, 2005, I lost my oldest daughter Sydney to cardiac arrhythmia at the age of 9. This is when I completely "checked out." My half functioning world went to living reckless. I became a bitter and mean woman who would bring anyone on her "misery loves company ride." I chose to eat and drink my emotions instead of seeking help (therapy). I mean, "I'm FINE" is what I told people....all lies.


The next few years I would have a total abdominal hysterectomy (mid 30's), live on laxatives, phentermine, and anything else that would make me quickly lose weight. Then, a week before my 37th birthday I was diagnosed with Peripheral Arterial Disease. I had two choices, lose weight or be a guinea pig to medication. This is when I hit rock bottom.

In 2012, I documented my journey via Instagram. In May of 2015 I was featured on In August 2015, I completed my goal of becoming a NPC Figure Competitor where I placed 3rd (Open), 4th (Masters) and 5th (Grand Masters). A few months after my competition I resigned from my full time job and faced my fear of following my dream and purpose of becoming a Lifestyle Coach.