Personal Coaching


Located in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area

We offer individualized one-on-one, couples, senior citizen, and children fitness regimens. For your convenience, coaches can travel to your home, office, park or setting of your choice that works with your schedule and availability. A vehicle loaded with fitness equipment that enables us to provide you with your customized workout. No two workouts are ever the same! The initial assessment includes a body, fitness and nutrition analysis.

In addition, we'll will teach you to Change Your Relationship With Food by learning how to eat to live for longevity and having what you want in moderation using my K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple) Method. This is NOT a diet. You will learn how to read food labels, portion control, and dining out.

This is not going to be easy in the beginning, but over time with practice, consistency, tools provided, and guidance you will be equipped to live a healthier lifestyle for longevity.




  • 8 Sessions $440
  • 12 Sessions $660


  • 8 Sessions $660
  • 12 Sessions $990

Please contact me at [email protected] to discuss further.